Brothers Islands/ El Akhwein

Safari on this route are arranged only for skilled divers. "Islands-brothers" are tops of two underwater mountains rising from depth of 300 metres. They are practically unique reeves in this area of the sea, therefore here always it is a lot of fishes and, as consequence, sea predators - sharks. Two sunk ships are based at northwest wall Big Brother ("the Big brother"). Their remains disappear in dense coral thickets - an impressing show.

Numidia (has sunk in 1901). The ship lays practically vertically, beginning on 25 metres and leaving down to 80 metre depths. Egyptian military-transport a vessel"Aida-2"(has sunk in 1957) - look the description and wreck history above. It is possible to visit an operating beacon on island Big Brother, providing navigation in this area of Red sea. It has been constructed by Englishmen in 19 century. The building of a beacon and other constructions have remained up to now, the equipment is replaced with more modern only." The smaller brother "(Little or Small Brother) is located approximately in kilometre from the" Big brother ". Its walls are entirely covered by a carpet of soft corals, huge Gorgonarias, height to 3 m, sponges and thickets of a black coral. Here often meet reefs sharks, whitetips sharks, and as a shark-hammer and even fish-moon.